Feb 082017

Workers World Party Class and Discussion

Capitalism at a Dead End

Saturday, Feb. 11, 5 PM

5920 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48202

Join Workers World Party for a discussion of Fred Goldstein’s 2012 work, “Capitalism at a Dead End”.
As more people begin to collectively struggle against low wages, hunger, homelessness, national and gender oppression, war, and deteriorating conditions in general, we begin to question the existing order and where to go from here.

“Capitalism at a Dead End” analyzes the system of capitalism as a whole and its inherent mechanisms built into it. Capitalism is not just an idea or a simple widespread practice, but a system with objective rules beyond any one individual’s control.

Robotics, 3D printers, the internet, and other such technological advancements have absolutely revolutionized production in ways thought to be unimaginable in the past. Long gone are the days of tens of thousands of workers crammed into factories working with rudimentary equiptment as the norm; now, global chains of production utilizing automation and as few workers as possible are producing more than ever at cheaper costs.

Labor is becoming ever cheaper for capitalists to buy. Production is becoming ever more efficient. The flip side of this is that while jobs for workers become more scarce while at the same time more products are created at cheaper cost, a crisis arises where the workers with no jobs are unable to purchase the glut of products produced. This is where we are, and this crisis only deepens exponentially.

Reading material will be supplied at the class.  The material may also be accessed at Capitalism at a Dead End

Free and open to the public.

Dinner will be served.

More information: 313.680.5508


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