May 142014

WWP Class: Feminism and Marxism by Dorothy Ballan

Part 2

Saturday, May 17, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
5920 Second Avenue, Detroit (at Antoinette, just north of Wayne State University)

Reading materials distributed at class — Dinner Served

Feminism and Marxism by Dorothy Ballan

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Today, it is common to hear that women have made political and economic gains. From the many celebrity endorsed and promoted campaigns, to female political leadership at the Federal level. The statistics, however, have shown that this is not true across the board. Why is this so?  In a capitalist nation, “where assimilation is liberation” gender oppression is often seen as something that only “liberal, white feminists” care about, or benefit from.

A Marxist history of feminism proves otherwise, and shows the important contributions made by women of color, trans women, and migrant women.  Dorothy Ballan’s critical and analytical pamphlet “Feminism and Marxism” was published in the 70’s, and re-released in the 90’s, but is still as relevant as ever to anyone who is interested in the historical development of the patriarchy, and how capitalism benefits from and perpetuates women’s oppression.  This pamphlet acts as essential reading for anyone interested in answers, and discussing solutions to challenge repressive, backwards legislation that takes away women’s reproductive rights, erases trans women and dehumanizes them, turns a blind eye to sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, and thus divide working class and poor men and women.

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