Dec 142016

Imperialist Militarism from Syria to Africa at the Dawn of Trump

Saturday, Dec. 17, 5 pm

5920 second Ave., Detroit

(near Antoinette, 2 blocks north of Wayne State U.)


Imperialist propagandists have worked tirelessly since the collapse of the Ottoman empire, and division of the Middle East and North Africa, to obscure their grandiose plans to divide, conquer and exploit that region. Nearly 100 years after the British and French divided that part of the world among themselves, this deceptive obscurantism has become infinitely more widespread and sophisticated. This has left most people in this country unaware of how never ending war came to engulf such a wide territory, from Syria to the Horn of Africa.

The election of Donald Trump, with his conflicting statements regarding the situation in the Middle East, has added to the confusion. But if his cabinet appointments are any indication we should expect four more years of “endless war.”

Join Workers World Party for a meal, in depth analysis, and a fruitful discussion that will go far beyond what passes for discourse in most media. Our program includes speakers on Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, the horn of Africa, and a report back from the World Federation of Trade Unions conference held in South Africa recently. We must unite the struggles at home and abroad against colonialist oppression and capitalist exploitation if we are to achieve liberation.

Free and open to the public.

Dinner will be served.

More information: 313.680.5508

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