Jun 012018

Diplomacy or the Death of Democracy?
Forum on the DPRK

Saturday, June 2, 5pm

5920 Second Ave., Detroit 48202


On January 1st, Supreme Leader of the DPRK (North Korea) and Chairman of the Worker’s Party, Kim Jong Un have a New Year’s speech in which he called for warming of relations and possible reconciliation with their neighbors to the south, the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Two days later, the two Korean leaders spoke for the first time in two years on a hotline. A week later, officials from both nations met, and agreed to the DPRK sending a delegation of athletes to compete in the Winter Olympics held in PyeongChang. As the two nations – who were still technically at war – marched under a flag which featured a united Korea in blue and white colors, the world looked on, and the Korean people saw this as a major turning point and a cooling of decades of tensions.

On April 27th, during a historic summit in Panmunjom where the two Korean leaders met for the first time, the two nations agreed to a path of denuclearization and talks to formally end the Korean war which began on June 25th, 1950. The agreement entailed a future meeting later in 2018 where the two Korea’s would sign a treaty to declare peace.

After 65 years of being in a state of war and various levels of hostilities, the chapter of a divided Korea seems to finally be ending. The Imperialists of the Pentagon and their war banker paymasters in Wall Street, however, seemed to have a different idea of how the peace process should go down, that is, on their terms only.

Despite the announcement in March 2018 of a historic summit after Kim Jong Un spontaneously invited President Donald Trump to sit down and talk, which if it were to occur, would be a first for any leader of either country. Trump, who faces scandal after scandal domestically and internationally, was quick to agree to the summit, seeing the possibility of salvaging his mired presidency. Whether or not it was Trump acting solo, which seems spurious at best, or the Pentagon realizing this is an opportunity to re-strategize their tactics of regime change, the US imperialist state has made it nearly impossible for anything constructive to take place between the DPRK and the US. It has continually thrown obstacles in the peace and reconciliation process of the two Korea’s by going forward with a planned joint military drill with the Japanese and Korean militaries. These drills are seen as incidenarary and provocative by the DPRK, who asserts that they simulate an invasion of the peninsula. It’s not hard to emphasize with them considering the US flies nuclear-capable bombers over the peninsula, particularly close to the North Korean border.

Because of this, the DPRK cancelled a high level meeting with diplomats from both Korea’s which were to hammer out the details set forth in the Panmunjom accords. To it’s credit, the Republic of Korea asked to bow out of the drills, and the US even pulled it’s bombers — seemingly out of good will. It was not two weeks later after continuous provocations by the US in the form of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanding nuclear concessions from the DPRK on a unilateral basis, National Security Advisor and infamous neocon John Bolton suggesting the “Libya Model” for the country, and Vice President Mike Pence threatening the DPRK to not “play Trump”. In response, Vice Minister of Foreign affairs called Mike Pence a “political dummy” after his “ignorant” comments. After these softball insults which were in response to Pence’s threat that DPRK would get the “Libya Model” – a horrific bombing campaign and intervention by NATO which saw the US and EU powers funneling arms into the hands of groups that later become ISIS – if they tried to pull a fast one on Trump, the much maligned President of the US cancelled the summit between the DPRK and the US citing “open hostility and aggression”.

This only shows that the US has absolutely no interest in actual peace, instead they are only interested in US unipolar hegemony. From Venezuela to Iran to the DPRK and beyond, the US throws any hope of diplomacy and peace into the incinerator to satiate the never ending appetite of profits for Wall Street and the military industry.

Join us on June 2nd for a forum on the DPRK and the state of US international relations. Talks will feature a historic perspective on the Korean war, current economic and geopolitical conditions of the DPRK and Korean peninsula, a report on the Venezuelan elections under the gun of the US State department, and a crucial spotlight on the rights of women in the DPRK.

The forum is at 5920 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI, and starts at 5pm, and food and beverages will be provided.


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