Jun 142017

WWP Contingent – 2017 Motor City Pride


Queer Liberation and Socialism

Saturday, June 17, 5 PM

5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

In our age of neo-fascist reaction and imperialist destruction, queer lives and communities are facing a renewed assault by the most reactionary elements of our society. The president and vice president are arch-bigots, and the VP in particular believes in “gay conversion therapy.” The rights of trans individuals to public space, represented by the right to gender-neutral bathrooms, are coming under attack as well. 11 trans individuals of color have been murdered so far in 2017.

As capitalism proves that it is incapable of providing the means of living to the vast majority of people on earth, the problems facing the queer community are becoming more acute. LGBTQ youth homelessness and lack of access to health care services are a facet of capitalism that cannot be resolved under this system.

Please join the Queer Liberation Contingent of Workers World Party at our follow-up forum to Pride to discuss how only socialism is capable of providing the queer community with the means to determine our own bodies and livelihoods, how queer oppression is intertwined with capitalism, and how socialism has historically responded to queer oppression.

Dinner followed by program

For more info call 313-680-5508



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