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Saturday, June 16, 5:00 pm

5920 Second Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202 (at Antoinette just north of WSU)

Hear talks and join a discussion on issues facing working-class LGBTQI+ people in the ongoing struggles for full liberation! Get a Socialist perspective on the struggle.

Dinner Served



Throughout America and the Whole World, the rights of LGBTQ+ People and communities are being stripped away by lawmakers. Queer erasure in everything from the U.S. Census to Prisons is rampant, and the administration is filled with Homophobes and bigots. Mass shootings and violence against queer people, especially Trans people, and extreme disparity of wealth and resources when it comes to our community makes it harder and harder to survive unless you are straight, white, Cisgendered and privileged. Despite this, the media has begun to capitalize on raising awareness of gender and sexuality, perpetually marketing to Queer people without providing representation or opportunity, making it clear that they will take money from the LGBTQ+ community, but do not care about our struggle, selling the message that the battle for gay rights is over.

Now, Queer people are being forced to choose between two unacceptable options: Either become a commodity for Capitalist exploitation, or Vanish entirely. Instead, we are choosing to fight back against the Patriarchal, white supremacist power structure that profits off of our labor and lives.

Workers World Party is a radical revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party whose members, many of whom are queer, people of color, gender-nonconforming or non-men, stand in solidarity with all Oppressed peoples. The Detroit/Michigan branch especially has been instrumental in fighting against the vicious, egregious cases of Austerity in the region instituted by the suburban and financial occupation of the city. We have fought against the Water shutoffs and Housing foreclosures instituted by the banks and their government pawns, and have been vigorously fighting for the rights of those being exploited and oppressed by capitalism and gentrification. We as a party operate with the understanding that these crises and forces, from Homophobia and sexism to White Supremacy and institutional racism are a result – the only logical result – of our Capitalist environment, which must be dismantled. Our goal is the total Liberation of Queer people and all Oppressed Peoples from the chains that have been constructed to keep the working class powerless and unable to resist oppression.

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