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Marxism Class on Walter Rodney’s ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’

Saturday, February 10, 2018

5 PM

5920 2nd Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

Rodney’s Work Challenges Imperialism Both Past and Present

See Reading Materials at the Following Link from Pages 320-351: http://abahlali.org/files/3295358-walter-rodney.pdf

The Detroit Marxism Class series continues with the study of an important and relevant work on the significant role of Africa in world history. Walter Rodney, who taught for years at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, published this book in 1972.

We will read and discuss Chapter Six, Part 1, which deconstructs the notions that European colonialism and imperialism brought benefits to the African continent. This ideological approach is relevant to Detroit today with the ruling class propaganda suggesting an economic resurgence amid the reality of ethnic cleansing under the guise of gentrification, the subsidizing of “development” through poverty wages, property tax foreclosures, public tax captures, water shut-offs and environmental racism.

As the U.S. government and ruling class intensifies its intervention in Africa with wars of economic penetration, aggression and occupation in Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other states, it is essential that activists and students of modern life be grounded in the actual historical evolution of the relationship between the African continent and world imperialism.

Walter Rodney born in the South American state of Guyana, was a pioneering historian and activist. He studied African history at the University of London during the mid-1960s.

He was assassinated by his own government on June 13, 1980, some 35 years ago. We will honor his life and legacy through the continuing study and application of his ideas.

Materials for the class on this groundbreaking study will be available at the session.

Admission is free and open to the general public.


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